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  • Travel Document Agency Service $260.00
    We offer convenient and fast travel document application services. Quickly apply for a Chinese travel document, typically used for American-born children returning to China or for emergency returns when a passport is lost. The Chinese consulate will review the submitted materials, and once approved, the travel document will be issued.
  • China Group E-Visa Agency Service Call For Price
    Group Tourist E-Visa is an electronic visa type suitable for group travel with two or more people. This type of visa is usually applied for and managed by the organizer of the travel group, greatly simplifying the complex individual visa application process. Third-country applicants should contact us for details before registering. Document Preparation The documents required to apply for a Group Tourist E-Visa include: - A photo of the valid passport’s information page - Airline tickets - Hotel booking confirmations for all nights in China - Driver's license (if applicable)

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