Chinese Birth Notarization Certificate

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A Chinese birth certificate notarization is an official document that certifies an individual’s birth in China, typically used for immigration, studying abroad, and employment purposes.

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Chinese Birth Notarization Certificate

To obtain a birth certificate notarization in China, an official document issued by the notary office to prove your birth in China, which is particularly important for immigration, studying or working abroad, or inheritance purposes, you’ll need to apply at the notary office in your place of residence or birthplace. If you’re currently outside of China, apply at the notary office located in your place of residence within China. Here’s what you need to bring:

  • 1. Your identification documents.
  • 2. Your birth certificate.
  • 3. Identification information of your parents.
  • 4. In some cases, such as for use in countries like the United States or Thailand, you might need to provide recent photographs.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Ensure the use of Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, especially make sure that the birth date and place are accurately documented.
  • For children born out of wedlock, the father’s name can be omitted if necessary.
  • If you’re abroad and the notary office cannot find your birth record, they can issue a “No Record Found” certificate, which might be useful in certain situations.
  • If there’s a discrepancy between the birth date on your ID card and foreign documents, you need to correct this at the issuing authority before applying for notarization.
  • The notary office only processes birth notarizations for individuals born in China. If you were born abroad, you need to apply through the relevant institutions in that country.

These materials are for reference only. Since the conditions of different applicants and the requirements of different provinces and cities vary, you should first prepare these basic materials. Then, consult us further based on your specific situation. This will make our communication simpler and more efficient.

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