Chinese divorce notarization certificate

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A Chinese divorce certificate notarization is an official document from a notary office that certifies an individual’s divorce status and details, commonly used for international and legal procedures.

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Chinese divorce notarization certificate

To process a divorce certificate notarization in China, which officially certifies your divorce status, the notary office can provide you with a formal document. There are generally two types of notarization: one that specifies the date and location of your divorce along with your and your ex-partner’s names; and another that indirectly proves your divorce by verifying the authenticity of your divorce certificate or court documents.

Different countries or institutions may have specific requirements for this document, so it’s best to consult the embassy of the country you’re planning to go to or the place that requires the notarization to understand their specific needs.

Here are the general materials you’ll need to prepare, but keep in mind that requirements may vary based on the notary’s requests. Remember to provide both the original documents and clear photocopies:

  • 1. Identification documents: If you are in China, you should bring your ID card and household registration book; if you are abroad, you need to provide a photocopy of your passport; foreigners should provide their passports; friends from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao should provide their respective permits and ID cards.
  • 2. Documents proving your divorce, such as the divorce certificate or court mediation or judgment documents. If it’s after a preliminary judgment, you also need a document proving the judgment is final.
  • 3. A recent 2-inch color photograph of yourself, with the quantity being the number of notarizations required plus one.
  • 4. If someone else is handling this for you, don’t forget to provide a power of attorney and their ID card.
  • 5. There may also be additional materials required by the notary office, depending on their specific requirements.

These materials are for reference only. Since the conditions of different applicants and the requirements of different provinces and cities vary, you should first prepare these basic materials. Then, based on your specific situation, consult us further. This will make our communication simpler and more efficient.

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