Chinese No Criminal Record Notarization Certificate

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A Chinese non-criminal record certificate is an official document confirming an individual has no criminal history in China, often required for overseas study, work, or immigration.

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Chinese No Criminal Record Notarization Certificate

A guide to obtaining a non-criminal record notarization in China, a document proving you have no criminal record during your stay in China, commonly used for studying abroad, working, immigration, etc. Let’s see how to apply for it in Beijing and what materials are needed!

Who Can Apply in Beijing

  • If your household registration (户籍) is in Beijing;
  • Or you’ve lived in Beijing for over a year with a Beijing residence or work residence permit;
  • Foreign nationals, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan residents who previously lived in Beijing and are now settled abroad can also apply.

Materials You Need to Prepare

  • Original ID card and household registration book. If it’s a collective household registration, you’ll also need the residence registration card and a photocopy of the front page stamped by the household registration unit.
  • If you’re abroad, you need photocopies of your passport, including the photo page, valid visa page, or green card, immigration documents, etc.
  • A non-criminal record certificate obtained from the public security department.
  • Foreigners temporarily residing in China must obtain a residence certificate from the public security authorities and a non-criminal record certificate.
  • If someone other than yourself is making the application, you must provide an authorization letter and the agent’s identification documents.
  • If materials are insufficient, the notary office will ask you to supplement them.

How to Apply for the Non-Criminal Record Certificate

  • Beijing residents can apply at the police station of their household registration location;
  • Non-Beijing residents can apply at the police station where they reside in Beijing;
  • Foreign nationals should apply at the county-level or above public security entry and exit management departments;
  • Both Beijing and non-Beijing residents can also apply through the “Beijing Police” WeChat mini-program.
  • It’s best to request the certificate for the period from birth to the present and download it promptly after issuance.

Steps for Notarization

  • 1. Visit the notary office in person for consultation. The notary will tell you which proof materials are needed.
  • 2. At the acceptance window, the notary pre-examines the materials to decide whether to accept them.
  • 3. Once accepted, the notary will review the materials and fill out relevant forms and documents.
  • 4. After the review, pay the notarization fee.
  • 5. Once the notarization certificate is ready, you can collect it from the notary office with your ID card and receipt or opt for postal delivery.

These materials are for reference only. Since the conditions of different applicants and the requirements of different provinces and cities vary, you should first prepare these basic materials. Then, consult us further based on your specific situation. This will make our communication simpler and more efficient. The guidance provided here is based on Beijing as an example and is for reference across China.

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