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In China, processing a real estate power of attorney involves providing identity and property documents and filling out the power of attorney form to legally certify and protect real estate transactions or management.

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Documents Required for the Notarization of a Chinese Property Power of Attorney

If you need someone else to handle affairs on your behalf, here’s a checklist of what you need to prepare:

For individual authorization:

  1.  Your own ID card and household registration book
  2.  The ID proof of the person you are authorizing
  3.  A template for the power of attorney can be found on our website. If you are in another region, you can use the local format and provide a digital version. Remember, you should clearly state in the power of attorney that each matter is authorized only once to avoid confusion.
  4. Documents related to the authorized affairs. For instance, if the authorization involves property transactions such as selling or mortgaging, you must provide the original and a copy of the property title (if the property is not mortgaged). If the property is mortgaged, you must provide a copy of the property title and related documents such as the purchase contract or mortgage contract.
  5. Other documents might be required. The notary will decide based on the materials you provide.

For company authorization:

  1.  The company’s business license, ensuring it is within the validity period.
  2.  The ID proof of the entrusted person, similar to an individual authorization, requiring an ID card or a copy of the qualification certificate.
  3.  The proof of the company’s legal representative, including their personal information, such as name, gender, ID number, etc. This person must handle the matters personally and cannot delegate someone else.
  4. The ID card of the legal representative.
  5. The resolution of the shareholders’ meeting or the board of directors, depending on your company’s articles of association.
  6. The company’s articles of association.
  7. If the authorized affairs involve property transactions, similar to individual authorization, you need to provide relevant proof materials related to these documents.
  8. The company seal and the seal registration card issued by the public security authorities.
  9. The power of attorney, templates are available on the website, and a specific version can also be provided digitally.
  10.  Other documents might be required, as per the notary’s request.

The above materials are for reference only. Since the conditions of different applicants and the requirements of different provinces and cities vary, you should first prepare these basic materials. Then, based on your specific situation, consult us further. This will make our communication simpler and more efficient.

How to Use American Documents in China?

China has joined The Hague! The Hague Convention will come into effect in China on November 7, 2023. After the convention takes effect, Chinese documents sent to other contracting countries for use will only need to go through the Hague Apostille process, without the need for consular authentication by China and the embassy or consulate of the contracting country in China. Similarly, documents from other contracting countries intended for use in Mainland China only need to go through the apostille process in that country, without the need for consular authentication by that country and the Chinese embassies or consulates there. Therefore, documents apostilled in the US no longer require authentication by Chinese consulates. However, if you intend to use the document in China, you must accompany it with a Chinese translation to clarify the specific content of the US apostille for the relevant receiving entities in China.


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