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CEV is an excellent Chinese visa service provider that has been offering Chinese visa agency services in the United States for over a decade. To this day, they continue to be an outstanding service provider.

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Total Price Shipping not fixed $170.01

Welcome to your first or renewed application for a Chinese visa! Please follow the steps below to fill out the questionnaire to help us expedite your visa processing: Click here to view

Want to know how to entrust the processing of Chinese visas? Please click here to view the detailed process

Fee Description:

  1. Price: $170.01, excluding visa fees.
  2. Costs may vary depending on the processing time you have chosen.


If the applicant is under 18 years old, please click the link below:

Chinese Children Visa Born in the US/CN

China Visa Agency Services Description:

Convenient and Efficient Visa Services: “Fast, reliable, professional! Our China visa agency services offer various expedited options to ensure your travel plans are not delayed. Whether it’s an urgent business trip or a last-minute leisure journey, we can meet your needs.”

1. Basic Service Fee: Original price $170.01, *Discounted price (Please check the website regularly, as updates might happen weekly.) . All visa agency services include FedEx Express return mail fees.

*Discounted price: Please note that specific service contents and fees may be adjusted based on different regions, difficulty levels, labor costs, etc. Information on the website is updated in real-time and is not guaranteed.

What does the Basic Service Fee include?

  • Return Shipping Fee
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Delivery Confirmation Fee

Transparent pricing, no hidden fees: “We provide clear service fee statements with no hidden fees. Choose us for a transparent, fair visa application service.”

2. Service Options: Includes different processing times and fees:

  • Express Service (3-4 business days): $659.00
  • Priority Service (5-7 business days): $198.00
  • Standard Service (8-15 business days): $84.99
  • Urgent Service (1-3 business days): $789.00

Note: If you choose the 1-3 days processing option, you need to confirm with customer service before purchasing.

3. VIP Service: Additional service options include:

  • VIP Service: $199.00
  • Executive Choice Service: $499.00

Details can be obtained by calling customer service or clicking to view.

VIP Service Experience: “Enjoy VIP treatment! Choose our VIP service for a personalized, worry-free visa application experience. Make every trip a luxurious enjoyment.”

4. Passport Holders: The service is applicable to passport holders from multiple countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, etc. Note that a 10-year multiple-entry visa application for US passports is not a 100% guarantee of approval.

Multi-Country Passport Coverage: “No matter which country’s passport you hold, we provide professional visa agency services. Multi-country passport compatibility makes your international travel worry-free.”

5. State of Residence: Some areas offer discounts, for example, Northern and Southern California have different discount rates. Customers should select the correct state of residence to enjoy discounts.

Irresistible Discounts: “Special offers! Choose our visa services now and enjoy unprecedented discounts. We offer extra discounts based on your residential area, making your travel more cost-effective.”

6. Visa Types and Fees: Offers various types of visas, each visa fee is $140.00, charged by the Chinese consulate.

7. Price Adjustments and Information Updates: CEV reminds users that service quotes and information may change without further notice. Any text or content errors will be corrected as soon as possible.

Please note that specific service contents and fees may be adjusted based on different regions, difficulty levels, labor costs, etc. The website updates information in real-time, but does not guarantee its accuracy.

We are committed to providing comprehensive, transparent, and reliable visa and notarization certification services for overseas Chinese. Whether you need to process a visa, notarization certification, Hague certification, or require a Chinese translation certificate, we can meet your needs! Users can obtain all necessary information through our website and can choose to purchase our agency services. After purchasing a service, our team will proactively contact users and provide a list of materials to assist them in preparing the required documents. All services are conducted based on online purchases to ensure a complete service experience for each customer. Although our team is small, we will update the website information promptly to ensure that every customer who has purchased services can receive efficient and professional help.

Process explanation:

  • Website browsing: Users first visit our website to get basic information about visas, notarization certification, Hague certification, additional certification, and Chinese translation certificates.
  • Understanding the process: Our website provides detailed introductions to the process, including contact information and office locations of government units, so you can understand every step clearly and thoroughly.
  • Online service purchase: If further services are needed, users can purchase the related agency services online.
  • Professional team contact: After completing the purchase, our professional team will contact you during working hours from Monday to Friday, via phone or email, to provide personalized guidance.
  • Material preparation: We will prepare a checklist for users, guiding them to prepare the necessary materials. We will provide a detailed list of materials to help you prepare the required materials simply and efficiently.
  • Material review and mailing: Users send the prepared materials to us for review. If original documents are required, you must mail them to the specified office.
  • Service processing: Once your materials are prepared and have passed our review, we will immediately process the required services. Service processing begins upon receipt of materials.
  • Material return: After completing the service, we will mail the related materials back to the user.

2024 China Visa Agency Services

Entering 2024, against the backdrop of constantly changing visa policies and international travel norms, agencies that offer an efficient and simple visa application process will become particularly important.

If an individual applies for a visa directly from the embassy, the general steps required are as follows:

  1. Find the correct application form.
  2. Travel to the consulate or embassy in their region. (Average daily commute time throughout the year: 1-2 hours)
  3. Arrive early, queue up to get a number and submit the application. (Average daily wait time throughout the year: 1 hour)
  4. If the application is filled out correctly, the embassy will process it.
  5. If there are errors, the application needs to be corrected and resubmitted. (15% of applicants need to resubmit)
  6. Leave the embassy with the number and a confirmed pickup date.
  7. Return on the specified date, which could consume a lot of time. (Average daily commute time throughout the year: 1-2 hours)
  8. Queue at the consulate to collect the passport. (Average daily wait time throughout the year: 1 hour)
  9. If the application is not ready, leave and come back at another time to collect.
  10. If the visa has been issued, you should confirm that the visa information is correct.
  11. Pay the visa fee at the embassy.

However, the services provided by your company can bring significant value, including:

  • Providing application forms and sample documents to ensure you can access accurate information.
  • A 24/7 online ordering and tracking system, meaning you can always monitor the progress of your application at every stage.
  • Checking all documents for correctness. If there are any issues, we will inform you by phone to ensure the application submitted to the embassy is accurate. (Average check and verification time: 15-25 minutes)
  • Paying the visa processing fee online on your behalf, avoiding additional trips to the embassy.
  • Collecting the passport from the embassy and checking if the visa is correct, ensuring your visa is valid before your trip.
  • Returning the passport to your residence in a secure manner, providing peace of mind for the safe return of your passport.
  • Saving time, reducing the possibility of errors, and bringing convenience to applicants.

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