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Since the United States joined the Hague Convention in 1981, U.S. documents only need a Hague Apostille for use in over 100 member countries globally. This means that documents issued by the U.S. government or authorized agencies, whether in English or another official language, can gain international recognition. The hallmark of a Hague Apostille features a square seal with official text, and the word “Apostille” must appear at the top in French to certify its validity.

This certification attests to the authenticity of the document’s signatures, place of issue, and seal. Each Apostille has a unique issue date and number, managed and issued by designated authorities in each country. It’s important to note that Mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore are not members of the Hague Convention, so U.S. documents need to be authenticated through embassies for use in these locations. However, Hong Kong and Macau have joined the Hague Convention, so U.S. documents only require a Hague Apostille for use in these two regions.

In the U.S., the following entities are responsible for issuing a Hague Apostille:

  • Department of State: Federal government documents
  • Clerk of Court: Federal court documents
  • Secretary of State: State government documents

Documents eligible for a Hague Apostille include business documents, civil status documents (such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.), educational qualifications, court judgments, and more. The documents must be original, with clear and identifiable signatures and seals, and kept intact and clean. We also offer additional services, including high-quality translation and legalization of documents, especially those intended for court use, such as company information. We can provide summaries of U.S. business registrations, property abstracts, including Hague Apostille and translation. Processing these documents typically takes up to 14 days. You can send and receive documents via courier service for an additional fee. Payment options include PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card, among others.

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