FBI Criminal Background Check, Apostille and Chinese Translation

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This document, officially called an Identity History Summary Check, compiles an individual’s criminal history from the FBI’s database and is required for employment, child adoption, visa applications for certain countries, or personal review.

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FBI Criminal Background Check

For employment in China, obtaining a work permit, a Chinese green card, etc., consular authentication of a criminal record check from the United States is required. In the US, this is referred to as a “Criminal Record Check” or “criminal history record,” which means that the relevant department will search the appropriate databases and provide you with a certificate stating that you have no criminal record.

Eligibility: This service is available to US green card holders or US citizens. If you only hold a Chinese passport, the processing time with the FBI will be much slower.

Materials you need to send us:

  • FBI Criminal Record Check application form
  • Purchase a fingerprint card at a professional fingerprint collection location within the US
  • Enter fingerprints in China

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How long does it take to apply for an FBI criminal record check with different statuses?

  • Holding a Chinese passport without a US SSN, the processing time is usually 2 weeks to 5 months.
  • Holding a Chinese passport with a US SSN, the processing time is usually 4 working days to one month.
  • Holding a US passport, the processing time is usually 1-7 working days.

The FBI criminal record can be used for:

  • Applying for a Chinese green card (permanent residence);
  • Processing a Chinese work visa;
  • Immigrating to other countries;
  • Processing an employment permit, etc.

How to quickly collect and enter fingerprint information in China?

  • Judicial appraisal centers in various provinces and cities (not recommended, expensive);
  • Purchase the FBI fingerprint entry official kit, learn to enter it yourself at home through video teaching, with a 99% success rate.

Good news: Whether you are in China or the United States, contact us to purchase the “fingerprint kit,” which is cheap, simple, and easy to use!

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