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A Hong Kong Entry Permit is necessary for some travelers based on their nationality and visit purpose, and may be required alongside or instead of a visa.

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Hong Kong Entry Permit

To apply for a Hong Kong entry permit, you need the following materials:

  1. Your passport(original and a photocopy), ensuring it has at least six months of validity remaining and sufficient blank pages for visa stamps.
  2. A completed ID1003A application form: for visiting/transit in Hong Kong, based on your purpose of visit. You can contact our customer service to download this form.
  3. Affix a recent, frontal, color, hatless passport photo (size 55mm×45mm or 50mm×40mm) to the application form.
  4. Additional materials: you may be required to provide it if the consulate officer requests it.

Processing Time:

  • For visas or entry permits reviewed by the embassy, standard processing takes 4 working days, express takes 3 working days, and urgent processing takes 2 working days.
  • Applications submitted to the Hong Kong SAR Government Immigration Department generally take about one month to process, with no option for expedited or urgent processing.

Individuals holding a Chinese passport with a validity of more than 2 years and a U.S. green card may obtain a multi-entry permit for up to 2 years, with each stay not exceeding 14 days. Chinese passport holders transiting through Hong Kong to a third country (or region) with a valid passport and onward flight ticket can stay in Hong Kong for 7 days without a visa.

Those heading to Mainland China or Macau do not need to show a connecting flight ticket. Chinese passport holders traveling from Mainland China to a third country (or region), with a connecting flight ticket and a visa or legal residence document (such as a green card, valid work, or study visa) for the destination, can stay in Hong Kong for 7 days without a visa.

For other purposes of entry into Hong Kong, or for those holding PRC travel documents (regardless of transit or entry), you must submit an entry permit application in advance.

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