Same Person Statement Apostille

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Apostillizing a Same Person Statement streamlines proving identity across countries by removing the need for multiple embassy legalizations, aiding smoother international interactions.

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Same Person Statement Apostille

Handling a “same person” affidavit in the United States might seem daunting, but with clear steps, it’s manageable. Initially, you need to draft a statement detailing your current foreign passport number, name, when you changed your nationality, as well as your previous Chinese ID and Chinese name. After signing this declaration, you’ve completed the first step. Next, prepare copies of your Chinese and American passports, the original and copies of your declaration, and a notarization application form.

The process then follows these steps:

  • 1. Take your declaration to a local notary public to have it stamped and signed.
  • 2. With the notarized document, head to the Secretary of State to verify the notary public’s signature and seal.

However, since China joined the Hague Convention on November 7, 2023, making international document exchange smoother, you’re in for an easier process. Now, you only need to get an Apostille certification. After the notary public’s notarization, directly take it to the Secretary of State for the Apostille stamp. Remember, documents, especially those with multiple pages, should be securely bound as a single document; any tampering or alterations could invalidate them. Although the U.S. recognizes the Hague Convention, it’s wise to prepare your documents early and choose the right certification method based on where you’ll be using them. For use in China, just getting the Hague Apostille should suffice.

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