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Expense Details:

  • C Corporation Registration: $350.00 (includes $300 for registration and $50 for EIN tax number application)
  • C Corporation Annual Review: $162.00
  • LLC Registration: $350.00 (includes $300 for registration and $50 for EIN tax number application)
  • LLC Annual Review: $162.00
  • Change of Registered Agent: $155.00 (includes a $50 official fee for the business registration agent, external transfer, does not include annual review fee)
  • Change of Company Name: $160.00
  • Change of Shareholder: $100.00
  • Certificate of Good Standing: $120.00
  • Dissolution: $260.00

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [email protected], our customer service team is happy to assist you.


Wyoming, USA is considered an ideal location for company registration due to its business-friendly legal environment. Here are some features and benefits of registering a company in Wyoming:

  1. Tax Benefits: Wyoming does not levy a corporate income tax nor a personal income tax, providing significant tax advantages for businesses and individuals.
  2. Privacy Protection: Wyoming offers strong legal protections for the privacy of company owners. In Wyoming, the identities of shareholders and directors can be kept anonymous.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Compared to other states, the costs for registering and maintaining a company in Wyoming are lower, making it an ideal choice for small businesses and startups.
  4. No Residency Requirements: Wyoming does not require the directors, shareholders, or employees of a company to be residents of the state, offering great convenience for global entrepreneurs.
  5. Simple Compliance Requirements: Wyoming has fewer regulations and simple compliance requirements, making it easier for businesses to maintain good legal standing.
  6. Shareholder Protection: Wyoming’s laws also provide strong protection for shareholders, limiting their personal liability for corporate debts and actions.

Our services include:

  • Company Name Check and Registration: Assisting clients in checking the availability of their chosen name and completing the registration process.
  • Registered Agent Services: Providing the registered agent services required by Wyoming law, ensuring your company complies with all legal requirements.
  • Document Preparation and Filing: Preparing and submitting all necessary documents including the Articles of Incorporation for your company.
  • Legal and Tax Consultation: Offering expert consultation on the legal and tax environment in Wyoming, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Annual Renewal and Compliance Services: Helping your company meet the annual reporting and renewal requirements in Wyoming, maintaining its good legal status.

Important Notes:

  • All corporate registration services include the EIN application, with no additional fees required.
  • EIN tax number application for a C Corporation alone is available for a fee of $100.00.
  • C Corporation Registration: Standard share capital of 20,000 shares.
  • C Corporation Annual Review: There are no penalties for overdue annual reviews, but being 60 days overdue can lead to an irregular company status.
  • Change of Registered Agent: Additional changes require an amendment which needs the customer’s signature.
  • Change of Company Name: An amendment requires the customer’s signature.
  • Dissolution: Can be initiated up to one month before the annual review deadline.

Additional Services (please contact customer service):

  1. Restoration: Starting at $510.00 (restoration requires settling all owed annual review penalties; if the company status has been irregular for two years, it cannot be restored.)

(For any questions, please contact our customer service at [email protected]. Our staff are always ready to assist you.)

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