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Our service provides a quick and efficient apostille for documents used in Hague Convention countries, certifying the signature, capacity of the signer, and seal, but not the content.

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How to Use American Documents in China?

China has joined The Hague Convention! The Hague Apostille Convention will come into effect in China on November 7, 2023. After the convention comes into effect, Chinese public documents for use in other contracting states only need to undergo the Hague Apostille process and can then be used in other contracting states without the need for consular legalization by China and the embassies/consulates of the contracting states in China.

Public documents from other contracting states for use in Mainland China only need to undergo the apostille process in that country and do not require consular legalization by that country and the Chinese embassies/consulates in that country.

Therefore, documents apostilled in the United States cannot be submitted for certification by Chinese embassies or consulates, but the documents to be used in China must still provide a Chinese translation certification. This allows the relevant accepting units within China to understand the specific contents of the U.S. apostille.

2024 China Visa Agency Services

Entering 2024, against the backdrop of constantly changing visa policies and international travel norms, agencies that offer an efficient and simple visa application process will become particularly important.

If an individual applies for a visa directly from the embassy, the general steps required are as follows:

1. Find the correct application form.

2. Travel to the consulate or embassy in their region. (Average daily commute time throughout the year: 1-2 hours)

3. Arrive early, queue up to get a number and submit the application. (Average daily wait time throughout the year: 1 hour)

4. If the application is filled out correctly, the embassy will process it.

5. If there are errors, you need to correct the application and resubmit it. (15% of applicants need to resubmit)

6. Leave the embassy with the number and a confirmed pickup date.

7. Return on the specified date, which could consume a lot of time. (Average daily commute time throughout the year: 1-2 hours)

8. Queue at the consulate to collect the passport. (Average daily wait time throughout the year: 1 hour)

9. If the application is not ready, leave and come back at another time to collect.

10. If the visa has been issued, you should confirm that the visa information is correct.

11. Pay the visa fee at the embassy.

However, the services provided by your company can bring significant value, including:

  • Providing application forms and sample documents to ensure you can access accurate information.
  • A 24/7 online ordering and tracking system, meaning you can always monitor the progress of your application at every stage.
  • Checking all documents for correctness. If there are any issues, we will inform you by phone to ensure the application submitted to the embassy is accurate. (Average check and verification time: 15-25 minutes)
  • Paying the visa processing fee online on your behalf, avoiding additional trips to the embassy.
  • Collecting the passport from the embassy and checking if the visa is correct, ensuring your visa is valid before your trip.
  • Returning the passport to your residence in a secure manner, providing peace of mind for the safe return of your passport.
  • Saving time, reducing the possibility of errors, and bringing convenience to applicants.


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