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In China, the DS-3053 notarization is a consent document used by one parent to authorize the other parent or a third party to apply for a passport for a child under the age of 16.

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What is the DS3053 table?

The DS-3053 form is an important document that allows one parent to apply for a passport for a child with the consent of the other parent, who has filled out and signed the form in the presence of a notary public, along with providing identification. This way, even if one parent cannot be present, the child can successfully apply for a passport. In essence, this form acts as a letter of consent, confirming the mutual agreement of both parents to apply for the child’s passport. This form is also applicable if the child’s legal guardians cannot apply in person. They need to present their identification in front of a notary public and can designate a third party (such as a professional travel or visa service agency) to apply on behalf of the child. If only one guardian is unavailable, this authorization letter and a copy of the DS-3053 form are required.

Additional Information

When preparing the DS-3053 notarization, the father needs to prepare the following: a photocopy of the mother’s Chinese passport photo page and U.S. visa page, a photocopy of his own Chinese passport photo page, a photocopy or scan of the child’s birth certificate (mainly for the child’s date of birth and name information), and the DS-3053 form printed in color on both sides on A4 paper.

The DS-3053 is a passport authorization notarization form, which you can download from the internet and print in color. The form is entirely in English and does not require translation. If you need notarization services, we can assist here; you just need to provide scans of the aforementioned materials.

After successfully processing the DS-3053 passport authorization notarization, the father also needs to send a photocopy of his passport’s photo and signature pages, along with the DS-3053 notarization certificate, to the mother. Note that the cost of notarization may vary depending on the language of the notarization certificate and the country of use.

These materials are for reference only. Since the conditions of different applicants and the requirements of different provinces and cities vary, you should first prepare these basic materials. Then, based on your specific situation, consult us further. This will make our communication simpler and more efficient.

How to Use American Documents in China?

China has joined The Hague! The Hague Convention will come into effect in China on November 7, 2023. After the convention takes effect, Chinese documents sent to other contracting countries for use will only need to go through the Hague Apostille process, without the need for consular authentication by China and the embassy or consulate of the contracting country in China.

Similarly, documents from other contracting countries intended for use in Mainland China only need to go through the apostille process in that country, without the need for consular authentication by that country and the Chinese embassies or consulates there. Therefore, documents apostilled in the US no longer need to be authenticated by Chinese consulates, but if the document is to be used in China, it still needs to be accompanied by a Chinese translation to clarify the specific content of the US apostille to the relevant receiving entities in China.

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